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החלק שלי בפאזל

להתחבר. להשתלב. להתפתח





MPOP runs an overnight summer camp in the Jordan River Village based on the model of the Ramapo Camp in NY. This camp empowers and integrates the two populations by providing fun and educational activities. The program caters tens of teens and runs by a carefully selected staff of volunteers, offers a wide range of activities such as swimming, ropes courses, sports, camping, cooking and workshops in art.


Today,we are operating in more than 10 schools over the country. The  plan is to continue to grow and expand the summer retreats in Israel durinf the year, making it possible to reach out to many more deserving underprivileged children and provide them with a fun life changing unforgettable experience.  As part of our ongoing  program, all teens at risk together with special needs, will attend 18 meetings twice a month so they benefit from our methodology and will develope individualy and as a group. 

bein Atlamim Farm

Bein Atlamim  is an organic farm that will employ youth-at-risk and youth with special-needs between the ages 14-18. The premise of our farm is to help prepare these two special groups of teenagers for adulthood. To provide a place for them, a place that accepts them as they are and shows them who they can be and how they can simultaneously contribute to and receive from their efforts.

The NPO offers workshops and lectures to raise awareness among others of the organization's educational philosophy, understanding and coping with marginal populations, involvement and social entrepreneurship. In addition, informative workshops are held on special needs and other educational activities.

The lectures and workshops are suitable for all ages and are cusotmized for the event and the target audience. 

All the incomes are directed to MPOP's activities.

Lectures and workshops


My Piece of the Puzzle is a registered NPO in Israel that caters to the needs of underprivileged youth at risk and youth with special needs. We believe that every child deserves the chance to feel successful, loved and an equal member of society.

The initiative and inspiration to establish this organization in Israel came from working at camp Ramapo in the USA which instilled the desire to provide Israeli youth at risk with the tools needed to become contributing members of society in a secure and successful manner.

The NPO serves teens at risk and children with special needs such as autism, Down syndrome and fragile X, developing the two populations and preparing them to live successfully and function in today’s society, all while experiencing fun. 





"First time in my life I felt like any other teen. I felt someone BELIEVES in me. I felt I am CAPABLE. I felt I am WORTHY"



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